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A leading force in sales, customer retention and development. Partnering Panda Power Ltd, and Pure Telecom.

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Panda Power

panda and arcadian directors
Pictured after the signing of a new 10 year partnership are L/R Teresa Neilan, Co Founder & Director of Arcadian Power Ltd, Brendan Traynor, CEO, Panda Power Ltd and Michael Lenihan, Co Founder & Director of Arcadian Power Ltd.

"In light of our entry into the Gas market Panda Power Ltd are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Arcadian Power Ltd for our residential sales and customer retention campaign. Panda Power have worked with Arcadian Power since we launched into the electricity market in 2015 and in that time both companies have built a strong relationship, with that in mind we now look forward to continuing that partnership for the next ten years and beyond as we introduce new products into the market."
"Brendan Traynor, CEO Panda Power Ltd"

panda meeting with arcadian directors


At Arcadian Power Ltd, our agents are very important to us. We offer the unique opportunity to build your customer base and service these accounts year after year by offering the same discounts with the same commissions. Retention is a new concept in the Irish market and in association with Panda Power Ltd, with whom we have just signed a new ten year partnership, this is the norm. Happy customers make loyal customers. Since our inception in June 2015 many agents have come to work with Arcadian Power Ltd, and have since made this their home as we offer a complete package to suit all agents, i.e. the opportunity for new sales, the security of retention and the bonus of telecoms. Our agents are building their futures, no one wants to cold call for the rest of their careers. Philip Amblard sales agent Pictured above is one of our agents Philip Amblard after renewing the discounts with Panda Power Ltd for Sean Cunningham, a dairy farmer in County Clare. Philip has been looking after Sean’s utility bills for the past few years. With our renewed partnership with Panda Power Ltd, Philip will continue to service Sean’s accounts for many years to come.



"Pure Telecom are delighted to announce the renewal of our partnership agreement with Arcadian Power Ltd. They always deliver on ambitious targets and bring quality and professionalism to our sales campaign." David Sheill, Sales Manager, Pure Telecom. pure telecom and arcadian directors

Pictured after the renewing of a partnership agreement are L/R Teresa Neilan, Co Founder & Director of Arcadian Power Ltd, David Sheill, Sales Manager, Pure Telecom Michael Lenihan Co Founder & Director, Arcadian Power Ltd.

Pure Telecom call centre

Pictured above is a busy day in the Pure Telecom customer care centre. Arcadian Power Ltd, are delighted to have recently renewed our partnership agreement with Pure Telecom. Pure Telecom have been offering Irish homes great value, high quality, high speed broadband and landlines since 2002. They are Irish Owned with a customer care centre which is second to none. Pure Telecom offer the following products;
Phone only
Phone only with DD
Phone + Broadband

JNR sales agent

Pictured above is one of our agents, John Harrington Jnr, after signing another happy customer with Pure Telecom.


Thinking about Solar? Why not give us a call on 090 6630545 to speak with us about all your Solar requirements. 2018 could be the year that you start generating your own electricity to save you money on your bills. solar panels on roof

solar panels on roof

Careers, Sales, & Savings


At Arcadian Power Ltd, we always have opportunities for new sales agents. If you are self motivated, hard working and professional in your approach why not give us a call or email your CV to and join the 100 strong work force.


At Arcadian Power Ltd, we pride ourselves on the quality of sales delivered to our clients. Our partners demand compliance to be of the utmost priority and have never been disappointed.


At Arcadian Power Ltd, we pride ourselves on the standard of service provided for our customers. The security of knowing that they are saving on their utilities year after year completely hassle free.

Our Managers

David Gaughan, Maurice Caplice,
Christina Fahy, Kiva Clinton & Tracey Dashwood

David Gaughan

Head of Electricity Sales

David heads up our electricity sales department for both DME and SME. David brought a wealth of experience in both sales and management extending back to 2001 when he started his career in the UK market.

Maurice Caplice

Head of Telecom Sales

Maurice takes responsibility for our national telecoms campaign. He brings outstanding experience in sales and management having started in the telecoms market in 2002.

Christina Fahy

Office Manager

Christina has proven to be a valuable asset to Arcadian Power Ltd. having progressed her career with us to Office Manager. She came to us with a background in field sales in the electricity market..

Kiva Clinton

Accounts Manager

Tracey Dashwood

Administration Manager

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